A biography of robert lee frost born in san franscisco

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Robert Frost Birthday, Age, Family & Biography

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Biography of Robert Frost

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Robert Frost

Robert Frost was born on March 26,in San Francisco, where his father, William Prescott Frost Jr., and his mother, Isabelle Moodie, had moved from Pennsylvania shortly after marrying. Robert Lee Frost was born on the March 26, in San Francisco to William Prescott Frost Jr. and Isabelle Moodie.

His father was a teacher and later became an editor of the San Fancisco Evening Bulletin. Robert Lee Frost was born in San Francisco, California, on March 26, His father, William, came from Maine and New Hampshire ancestry and had graduated from Harvard in He left New England and went to Lewistown, Pennsylvania, to teach.

Robert Frost was born in San Francisco, California, to journalist William Prescott Frost, Jr., and Isabelle Moodie. His mother was of Scottish descent, and his father descended from Nicholas Frost of Tiverton, Devon, England, who had sailed to New Hampshire in on the Wolfrana.

Feb 22,  · Watch video · Robert Frost was born on March 26,in San Francisco, California. He spent the first 11 years of his life there, until his journalist Born: Mar 26, Robert Frost was 88 years, 10 months & 3 days old age.

About Edit Robert Frost was born on in San Francisco in the state of California, United States.

Robert Lee Frost A biography of robert lee frost born in san franscisco
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Biography of Robert Frost