A personal experience on a youth camp

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Personal Experiences

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Applicants who have good personal experience, relevant qualifications or experience teaching in any of the following activities, stand a good chance of placement for. Camp Iron Sights is an Alaska Wilderness Youth Camp Specializing in Personalized Self Growth, Leadership Training and Wilderness Experience.

By: Alexsys Wasse, Youth Executive Board Officer, Antelope Valley (The first week of August, nearly 80 Los Angeles Region Red Cross Youth members traveled to the San Gabriel Mountains for the Region’s annual youth Leadership Development Camp (LDC). Being a camp counselor at one of our many youth camps that we have is a very challenging and sometimes scary task.

For seven days, parents have trusted you to be the one that is with their children 24/7. Jr Jedi Beginnings Time of Day: 9am - 12pm only Benefit from the same theme and focus as regular Jedi Beginnings, but in a shorter time frame!

This is a great option for kids who haven't experienced summer camp before, for families who only want a short week or for campers from the first week who want more!

Guyana Youth Camp is an intensive experience. You wake up before 6am, go outside, stretch, jog, return to the hall, discuss one of the readings then have a thought for the day and all before breakfast!

Youth Leadership Camp Is a Life Changing Experience A personal experience on a youth camp
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