Bach magnificat dessay

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Natalie Dessay

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Program notes in English, French, and German and texts in Latin with English, French, and German translations ([24] p.: ill. (chiefly col.)) inserted in container. Das Opernhaus Zürich im Internet - Spielpläne für Oper, Ballett, Konzert und Kinderoper.

Alles über die Werke, Künstler, Preise, Tickets, Abonnements und Service. Handel Dixit Dominus musicAeterna and Teodor Currentzis Bach, Magnificat & Handel, Dixit Dominus by Vox Luminis, Lionel Meunier видео. Dessay has said publicly that she is not interested in opera unless it is theatre, and that she is, in fact, not a singer at all, but an actress.

If that is the case, why is she singing the soprano solos in the Bach Magnificat with Emanuelle Haim ant L’astree?

Scott Ramsay

Natalie Dessay (French: [ də.sɛ]; born 19 April ) is a French opera singer who had a highly acclaimed career as a coloratura soprano before leaving the opera stage on 15 October

Bach magnificat dessay
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Bach: Magnificat In D - Brandenburg Concerto No.5 - Klemperer – Only Classical