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Thesis and Purpose Statements

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paper. There are elements of the discussion that should be included and other things that should be avoided.

Always write the discussion for the reader; remember that the focus should be to help the How to Write an Effective Discussion.

How to Discuss an Paper In: Business and Management Submitted By liuj92 Words Pages 2. Each class you are required to present a critical review of one assigned research article to the rest of the class. You will have about min to present, and min to. Keep the following sequential points in mind as you organize and write the discussion section of your paper: Think of your discussion as an inverted pyramid.

How to discuss a paper at a conference

Organize the discussion from the general to the specific, linking your findings to the literature, then to theory, then to practice [if appropriate].

HOW TO WRITE AN EFFECTIVE RESEARCH PAPER • Getting ready with data • First draft • Structure of a scientific paper • Selecting a journal • Submission • Discuss how your data compare or contrast with previous results.

• Include schemes, photographs to enhance the scope of discussion. We offer this paper as a primer for accounting doctoral students and new faculty on how to discuss a paper.

To our knowledge, no such guidance currently exists, so we venture to fill this gap in. A discussion paper presents and discusses in depth the issues that surround a specific topic. When writing a discussion paper, you must include thorough discussion of both sides of the topic being debated, reliable research and evidence regarding the topic.

Discuss paper
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Writing a Discussion Section - Interprete the Results