Entrepreneurship 301

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Entrepreneurship Fellows Program Requirements

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Entrepreneurship in the Classroom

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Amendments will complete 6 additional credits from a dissertation of selected courses independent to their area of interest. ENTREPRENEURSHIP Keys to Starting a Business Dr. Edwin Cottrell Entrepreneurial Leadership Center Fall - Speaker Series 1.

Definitions of Entrepreneurship •Creation of a new venture (Gartner, ) •Change implementing innovation through the carrying out of new combinations (Schumpeter. FSE is an i n-depth application of entrepreneurial concepts including opportunity recognition, value creation and new business management.

Learn to identify the needs of a market and problem solve to meet those needs through innovation. Students who have an interest in becoming entrepreneurs or participating in the launch of a new product or service can minor in entrepreneurship by taking 18 semester hours of courses from the management, marketing, and finance departments.

Entrepreneurship. 1- Introduction. The Minor in Entrepreneurship is designed to provide students with the mindset and skills that will enable them to passionately pursue and engage in opportunities without regard to currently controlled resources.

The Entrepreneurship Certificate includes 4 courses for a total of 12 hours credit: ENTR Introduction to Entrepreneurship This is a foundation course that introduces entrepreneurship broadly as both a mindset and a process. The entrepreneurial mindset is one in which opportunities are pursued regardless of resources currently controlled.".

* ENTR and ENTR must be taken in the same semester. ENTR is the same content as ENTR andbut just numbered as a 6-credit course. If you have questions about the Minor in Entrepreneurship, contact: [email protected]

Entrepreneurship 301
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