Habit breaker hard mode

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Habit Breakers

Mikayla from Boring, Oregon, USA submitted this review on November 10th at PM. Mikayla is an end user who has over five years of experience with the product.: Strengths: Powerful engine -Multiple Speeds-Three methods of transportation (head array, joystick, and manual).-Comfortable.

Habit Breakers. Products / Habit Breakers. Showing all 7 results This appliance is very effective for young patients who struggle with a tongue or thumb habit.


It acts by disrupting the behavior or the thumb or tongue but provides an alternative to the behavior helping to break the habit. If you find an expander is hard to turn, run. Orthodontic Appliances Expander/habit breaker This is a combination appliance used to widen the top jaw and also discourage a habit such as thumb sucking or tongue thrusting.

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Habit breaker hard mode
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