Minority aging

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Community Outreach & Information

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Health Disparities

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UCLA/Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science RCMAR/CHIME

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Minority Aging Issues

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Our country lacks a clear direction of what does will work for everyone in strengthening the traditional contract. The Resource Centers for Minority Aging Research (RCMAR), established in by the National Institutes of Health National Institute on Aging, aim to decrease health disparities between minority and non-minority older adults by increasing the number of minority academicians who conduct health-services research on older adults in partnership with community-based organizations who service them.

Minority Research Projects – The Duke Pepper Center has a rich tradition of minority research that includes support of minority trainees and a broad depth of research yielding extensive publications of relevance.

NATIONAL MINORITY AGING ORGANIZATIONS TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE CENTERS CONSORTIUM: NATIVE AMERICAN CENTER. The Older Americans Act (OAA) ofas amended, includes provisions to increase awareness of citizens of all ages of the need to assume personal responsibility for their own longevity.

Iftekhar Amin Ph.D.

The Minority Aging Health Economics Research Center (RCMAR), established through a $ million from the National Institutes of Health to the Schaeffer Center, aims to increase the number, diversity and academic success of junior faculty focusing their research on the health and economic wellbeing of minority elderly populations.

57 my aging minority rural grandparents: disparities in the health and health care of the rural elderly minority population and the need for culturally competent health. The Public Health Ethics Forum, “Minority Elders and Healthy Aging,” focuses on a range of health issues and actions to improve aging among minority elders.

Handbook of Minority Aging

The National Center for Bioethics in Research and Health Care at Tuskegee University and the CDC Office of Minority Health and Health Equity host this annual event.

Minority aging
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