Moral values quotes in sanskrit

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Morals Quotes

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In their compositions the ancient scholars have given life to each aspect of life. One can feel every human emotion to its limits, enjoy nature's beauty at its best, face challenges of life with valor, live a life of high moral values, live in a world of fantasy and lot more; all in Sanskrit literature and scriptures.

Quotes from Sanskrit Classics. The classical period of Sanskrit literature dates back from the 3rd century BC right upto to the 8th century AD. One of the earliest known Sanskrit plays is the mrichakatika thought to have been composed by shudraka in the 2nd century BC.

One can feel every human emotion to its limits, enjoy nature's beauty at its best, face challenges of life with valor, live a life of high moral values, live in a world of.

In other words, that this is a moral universe, and that there are moral laws of the universe just as abiding as the physical laws. (from "Rediscovering Lost Values")” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

INTRODUCTION. Morality (from the Latin word moralitas that means “manner, character, proper behavior”) is the differentiation of intentions, decisions, and actions between those that are good (or right) and those that are bad (or wrong).

It is an intriguing and evolving construct. Moral values are governed by a number of biological-socio-cultural-religious underpinnings.

‘In-depth study on moral values in Sanskrit literature needed’

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Moral values quotes in sanskrit
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