Orange crate lable

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fruit crate label

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8 Vintage Fruit Crate Labels

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Riverside Public Library Citrus Label Collection

The Citrus Label Collection consists of citrus labels (mostly orange, but some lemon and grapefruit examples) mainly from the southern California counties of Riverside, San Bernardino, Los Angeles, and Orange. The collection ranges from early naturalistic labels like Gypsy Queen () to a later example of commercial art, Terra Bella ().

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Browse styles for living room, bedside, desk and more.>>. orange fruit crate label with bees Find this Pin and more on Sunkist crate labels by Kellee Shields Nelson.

Vintage Crate Label: Honey Z Oranges, California These labels were from my family's fruit farms in the and Orange Blossom Honey. Antique Label Company. Hello to All Our Customers, As you may have heard or seen on TV, the Camp Fire in Northern California destroyed the town of Paradise.

This is the town where we lived and did our business. And as with everyone we know, almost all homes have been destroyed, including ours, along with all the original paper labels Dick has.

El Cajon Reindeer Orange Citrus Fruit Crate Box Label Advertising Art Print - Fruit and Vegetable Crate Label Art Prints Citrus label store has a large rare collections of California citrus fruit crate labels for the collector or an enthusiast.

Orange crate lable
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