Tissue paper collage

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Easy Tissue Paper Art Project for Early Finishers

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Blick Art Tissue

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Instead of the traditional method of dyeing Easter eggs, this year, we decided to use my new favorite medium, wet tissue paper collage!

Contemporary Artist Specializing In Tissue Paper Collage

I love using this Bleeding Art Tissue unavocenorthernalabama.com colors run when you wet it, creating a vibrant watercolor effect. Tissue Paper Collage Begin by asking your teens to tear up various colours of tissue paper into large and small shapes and sizes. Provide white card stock for collage background.

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Our high-quality giclée prints on premium archival paper are framed and placed under acrylic to give a. The Tissue Paper Collage Process Creating collages, journaling, dance, meditation and exploring how the story of our inner landscape informs our lives are the cornerstones of the Tissue Paper Collage process.

The visual and kinesthetic process of collage making cultivates creativity by simultaneously encouraging imaginative play and artistic expression.

Celebrating the 82nd birthday of the famous Children’s book author – Eric Carle – by doing art activities in Eric Carle’s style – using tissue paper as a canvas to create artsy collages.

Tissue paper collage
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