Watercolor paper stretcher

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Custom mounting of art includes drawings, oil paintings, watercolors, prints, photographs, digital prints on paper, and paintings made on canvas and linens. Art on paper can also be mounted on canvas or linen and stretched over conventional canvas stretcher bars or mounted to our archival panels.

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Fredrix Pre-Stretched Watercolor Canvas - 11/16

coloring books plus adult coloring books. posters & panels. The Watercolor Shop. Watercolor. New Arrivals. Paints. Best Selling Watercolor Paints. Brushes. Accessories for Watercoloring. Surfaces. In watercolor painting, brushes are important, paints are paramount, but the paper we choose to paint on is the foundation of our work—and like a house, a good.

Fredrix® Watercolor Canvas is an authentic % woven cotton artist canvas with a special coating that performs similar to a cold press or rough watercolor paper, yet it provides a distinctive look that can only be achieved on canvas.

Start with watercolor paper that is % cotton, not a wood fiber paper with a neutral PH rating. The paper should be 2 inches larger than the wooden canvas stretcher.

The other materials you will need is a heavy duty staple gun with 1/4 inch staples. Color Pour Craft Paint Encaustic Gesso, Glazes & Pastes gouache Ink mists & sprays Oil Paint & Mediums Paint Pour Pigments Watercolor Paint & Mediums surfaces plus Boards & Panels Canvas Journals & Notebooks Paper Stretcher Bars & Accessories.

Watercolor paper stretcher
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