Who invented paper money

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History of money

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Charles Babbage (Dec. 1791 – Oct. 1871)

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Who invented paper money

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In Egypt too the exam of harvests in state warehouses also led to the argument of a system of banking. The earliest paper money was invented in China during the 10th cenury.

Unfortunately, no examples of this paper money exist today. Paper money is an invention of the Song Dynasty in China in the 11th century CE and nearly 20 centuries after the earliest known use of metal coins.

The History of Money

While paper money was certainly easier to carry in large amounts, using paper money had its risks: counterfeiting and inflation. Jul 11,  · Overlooked No More: Bette Nesmith Graham, Who Invented Liquid Paper. A struggling secretary created a concoction that relieved her and others around the world from the pressure of perfection.

The Invention of Paper Money in China, AD The history of paper money is interesting not only from the idea and technolgy of printing, but also from the perspective of trading with a commodity that in itself has no intrinsic value. The Story: Francis Wolle () invented the paper bag- making machine in in the United States.

Francis Wolle, botanist, born in Jacobsburg, near Nazareth, Pennsylvania, December 17,was educated in the Moravian parochial school in Bethlehem, and then became a clerk in his father's store. The first paper money issued in the United States occurred on March 10, The $5, $10, and $20 bills issued were made legal tender by an act of Congress on March 17, The $5, $10, and $20 bills issued were made legal tender by an act of Congress on March 17,

Who invented paper money
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