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A Brief History of Booker Gliding Club.

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In an industry that’s governed by exacting specifications, nothing less than top-flight is acceptable. Eaton's Crouse-Hinds Division is committed to improving airfield safety and efficiency by providing the best quality lighting, power and control products for FAA and ICAO applications.


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The studios were in Walton-on-Thames, not far from Shepperton. They started life back inwhen Cecil Hepworth leased a house called The Rosary in Hurst Grove for £36 a year and built an 18 x 15ft 'stage' in the back garden. Under direct supervision of the Operations Supervisor, the Airfield Operations Specialist performs maintenance of airport runways, taxiways, lighting systems, and grounds.

Also performs inspections on the Airport Operations Area (AOA) in accordance with FAR Part and the Mobile Regional and Mobile Downtown Airport Certification Manuals.

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